About Jack Lisi

Jack A. Lisi was a man who truly loved people, especially youth.  Jack, who served as Steuben County Sheriff for 18 years, was deeply involved helping struggling youngsters turn their lives around. He believed, with strong conviction, that these youth needed someone to care, show support and provide guidance. By providing the proper assistance, young people “on the edge” could and would become productive citizens.

Jack was a special man, more of action than words! A true humanitarian, he was very active as a volunteer in many organizations. Groups such as the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Steuben County Youth Board, Kinship Family & Youth Services Board, Traffic Safety Board, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council, Rotary Club, Boy Scout Board of Directors, Knights of Columbus, Hornell Cinderella Softball League (now, Maple City), Maple City Sound  Drum Corps, Hornell United Way, Steuben Magistrates Association and the list goes on ...

Jack retired as Sheriff in 1987 and kept continually busy. Many said he didn’t retire he just “shifted gears” - usually high! He was a model for all of us by unselfishly giving of himself to help others!

Jack Lisi, a special man who left us in 1991, is deeply missed but never forgotten. He touched many, many lives in a positive way. The Jack Lisi Youth Award helps continue his legacy.