The Jack Lisi Youth Award Program is proud of the fact that 100% of all donations achieved through a “mail campaign’ or this web site are applied towards the young adult “Winners” Award.  All overhead expenses are supported through sponsors and the Fall Reception Program.  Funds are never provided directly to recipients.

The following applies:

-Suggested Levels of Giving-

 CHARTER    ...............
 $1000 +
 PATRON     ...............  $500 - 999
 BENEFACTOR ...............  $250 - 499
 SUPPORTER ...............  $25 - 249


*Donor Recognition with each level*

*Most of all–Help provide a positive “Boost” to deserving Youth*

All Donations are Tax Deductible

Make Checks Payable to:            Jack Lisi Youth Award, Inc.

All Checks and Inquiries to:        Jack Lisi Youth Award, Inc.
PO Box 321, Bath, N.Y. 14810

Phone: 607-569-2079

            Donors and their actual giving are never publicly revealed.  However, the “category” they fall into is printed in the Annual Banquet Program.  There is also available a “Donor Book” listing all donors by name and year of giving.

             Donations are cumulative and donors are encouraged to work towards a Charter level and beyond.  In over 20 years, scores of generous people have reached beyond “Charter” and continue their valued support.

             All of these donations are placed in a protected Investment Fund to insure that our successful Award program continues well into the future.