About Jack Lisi

The Jack Lisi Youth Award was Founded in 1991 shortly after Sheriff Jack Lisi’s death. The purpose of this award is to continue Jack’s legacy of caring and assisting young adults in their future success. The first Awards were presented in 1992. This year we celebrate 31 years of recognizing deserving youth!!

Jack A. Lisi was a man who truly loved people, especially youth. Jack, who served as Steuben County Sheriff for 18 years, was deeply involved helping struggling youngsters turn their lives around. He believed, with strong conviction, that these youth needed someone to care, show support and provide guidance. By providing the proper assistance, young people “on the edge” could and would become productive citizens.

The original founders of the Jack Lisi Youth Award formed a leadership committee under the auspices of the Steuben County Youth Bureau and Steuben County RSVP Program. In 1999, the original steering committee became a Board of Directors as Jack Lisi Youth Award was officially incorporated as a legal nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Fundraising began in the early 90’s with a mail campaign then followed a few years later with a Golf Tournament. In 2007, our Golf Tournaments ended. The Annual Fall Reception started shortly thereafter. Jack Lisi Youth Award realized the fundraising world is dynamic and that changes in the way we fundraise is ongoing. A “Trust Fund” was established in the early 1990’s. The Board of Directors, along with a financial manager, expertly ensure that this investment fund grows and remains secure.

Since 1992, Over $235,000 has been awarded to very deserving young adults. Never a direct cash award but rather something to assist them toward their goals. For example; clothing, tools, college tuition, books, bus tickets, and so forth.

The Jack Lisi Youth Award, Inc. is firmly dedicated to the purpose and mission of the award and its future success.