Information for Award Recipient

This page is for JLYA Award Recipients that have received the award (past and present).

Steps to receive award amount....

Disbursement Form

Each Award Recipient will need to complete a "Disbursement Form" in order to collect their award. The form is a PDF fillable PDF.

Note: If the full award amount isn't not utilized all at one time, for each time you request to utilize the award amount, a new disbursement form will need to be completed and submitted.

Form Submission

After completing the "Disbursement Form" click below to email to the Program Manager. Be sure to add your first name, last name, and school district to the subject line. Don't forget to attach the Disbursement Form to the email!

Board Approval

The JLYA Program Manager will contact you after the JLYA Board of Directors approves the expense to complete the process. Award Recipients need to make sure they are providing the Program Manager with updated contact information.

Award Can be put towards...

  • Financial assistance towards higher education: College, University, Program

  • Book store credit at College or University

  • Materials needed for continuing education or workforce

Award amount will not be provided to the award recipients. The Program Manager will order materials or send payment directly to higher education College, University, or Program.